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Seasonal Product Modifications

Seasonal Product Modifications

As winter storms around the country continue to make headlines and more and more people are taking advantage of delayed and extended new year trips, it’s the perfect time to highlight the importance of modifying our daily skincare routines to meet the demands of seasonal changes.

Just like our hair, our moods, and our diets, our skin goes through various changes when transitioning from warmer and colder climates. Products that complement our complexions while we lounge on humid tropical beaches are likely to wreak havoc on our skin during the dryer and more frigid winter months. Likewise, once our skin has acclimated to our winter skincare routines, sudden changes in heat and humidity caused by seasonal travel can cause symptoms of acne, excessive oiliness, redness, and countless other issues.

So, what are some of the tricks behind adjusting the products we use to keep our skin healthy all year round, no matter the season?

It Starts with Your Cleanser

For some of us, using the same cleanser year-round is just fine. However, for people with sensitive skin types or who are prone to excessive dryness in the winter or excessive oiliness and sweating in the summer, it’s usually a good idea to modify their daily routine to start and end each day with a complexion that is both cleansed of harmful dirt and debris and protected from environmental stress.

For example, cleansers rich in exfoliating acids and medicated active ingredients—such as our Lumen BPO Cleanser and Lumen Exfoliating Glycolic Cleanser—are terrific choices for assisting acne and oily skin products, but during prolonged cold and dry weather when our skin is more susceptible to damage and stress, switching to a cleanser such as Lumen Gentle Cleanser or Lumen Gentle Foam Cleanser can help alleviate unwanted symptoms and keep skin calm when applying the remainder of your skincare products.

Change Up Your Moisturizer

Another invaluable resource for keeping your skin healthy through seasonal changes is to select the right moisturizer for the seasons. While skin type dictates the sorts of products that work well with any particular patient, a general rule of hydration is that lightweight moisturizers are best for warmer days, while richer and more luxuriant moisturizers might be needed in the winter to relieve symptoms of dry, compromised skin.

Additionally, if your skin is experiencing excessive dryness, you might benefit from layering moisturizers. This works by first applying a light moisturizer, such as Lumen HA Advanced Gel (Hyaluronic acid is lightweight and works by attracting and binding up to 1,000 times its molecular weight in water) and then following up with something like Lumen Hydrating B3 Cream, which contains a cocktail of nourishing ingredients (including Niacinamide) to replenish the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Maintaining Skin Nutrition with Antioxidants

Finally, if you’re noticing that your complexion seems off, no matter the time of year, it’s always helpful to boost skin nutrition with an antioxidant product that matches your skin type.

Lumen Vit C with Ferulic is appropriate for normal to oily skin types and infuses the skin with much-needed antioxidant vitamins and penetration-enhancing hydroxy acids to improve skin appearance.

Lumen Restoration + GF is a growth factor formula that combines antioxidants, brighteners, and a gentle retinoid to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and skin texture.

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