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Renewal of Aging Tissue with Renew & Restore for Lips

Renewal of Aging Tissue with Renew & Restore for Lips

The skin of our lips is delicate. It reacts differently than the skin on the rest of our body, and its unique structure requires an equally unique approach to keeping our lip tissue protected, healthy, and beautiful.

Not Your Conventional Lip Balm

When the skin of our lips is negatively impacted by our environments, it appears dry, cracked, and dull. It’s easy, then, to turn to store-bought lip balms to soothe these effects. The problem with this approach is that lip balms (just like most regularly available moisturizers) can alleviate superficial discomfort but do little—if anything—to address the larger issue and underlying causes of lip irritation.

Two-Step Kit for Daily and Nightly Coverage

Our Renew & Restore Lip Kit contains both a daytime and nighttime product to allow for round-the-clock protection.

Renew Lips A.M. contains a combination of antioxidants, a mineral sunscreen, and a plant-based growth factor to offer protection from UV damage and environmental stress. Because this product is 100% free of chemical sunscreens, it helps reflect UV rays instead of absorbing them, which greatly reduces the heat absorbed by sun exposure. Additionally, this physical SPF 30 sunscreen protects the lips without leaving behind any oily or greasy residue.

Restore Lips P.M. is formulated with moisturizing agents, antioxidants, acids, and a retinoid to provide anti-aging benefits (such as the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles) and lasting hydration. This product also provides gentle exfoliation to smooth texture and contains hyaluronic acid to create a natural plumping appearance to the lips.

When used together, these two products greatly improve the renewal of aging lip tissue. When using these products, remember to apply to the entire lip area, included the border where the lip and surrounding area meet.

For Use Under Lipstick Application

Another benefit of our Renew & Restore Lip Kit is that it can be used prior to applying lipstick. Not only does this prevent you from going without your favorite lip shade, but also provides an underlying layer of protection that isn’t offered through lipstick cover alone. As most lipsticks do not contain any meaningful sunscreen component, applying Renew Lips A.M. under your lipstick gives you the best of both worlds.

The Perfect Addition to Your Anti-Aging Regimen

The Renew & Restore Lip Kit is formulated for use on all skin types. This makes it an ideal addition to any anti-aging regimen. When used in combination with our other area-specific products, like our Renew & Restore Eye Kit and Neck Define + GF, you can feel assured that the entirety of your skin remains vibrant, healthy, and beautiful through every stage of your life.

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