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Benefits of Medical-Grade Skincare

Benefits of Medical-Grade Skincare

One of the most difficult aspects of finding the best skincare products to suit your needs is found in the term skincare itself.

While this moniker refers to a wide variety of topical products—ranging from over-the-counter lotions found in big box stores to prescription-based formulas available exclusively through medical professionals—not all that fit under the skincare umbrella are worthy of its title. In fact, many of the products most widely sold throughout the skincare community contain ingredients that not only over-promise results, but actively harm the skin.

But with every vial of “age-defying” serum promising a direct path to the fountain of youth, how can we learn to avoid ineffectual products in favor of those that have been created specifically to support healthy skin function?

Decoding the Ingredient Panel

Ingredient listings for skincare products are (often by design) nearly impossible to understand. There are, however, some key warning signs to look for when considering any personal care product.

Many commonly used additives in skincare products are favored for their ability to mask odors, preserve shelf life, or create a more outwardly and superficial appeal to the texture of creams, lotions, and serums. Not surprisingly, these filler ingredients—while appealing greatly to our senses of smell and touch—do not offer much in the way of efficacy.

For example, products containing fragrances (or perfumes) are often made using toxic and harsh chemicals. These fragrances, in addition to possibly posing cancer risks—can irritate and inflame the skin; effectively negating the purpose of treating the conditions they are marketed to target, such as chronic acne, rosacea, and post-procedure skin. Furthermore, fragrance products do not currently need FDA approval prior to being sold to consumers, and some products labeled “unscented” may still contain harmful fragrances.

Other ingredients, such as parabens (commonly used as preservatives) have been linked to serious health risks, including hormone disruption, breast cancer, and reproductive toxicity. While there is no conclusive data showing that these health issues are directly tied to paraben use, the discovery of parabens in breast cancer tissue has caused many health officials to push for stricter regulatory measures as well as further research into the potential harm caused by these preservatives.

Alleviating Your Concerns with Medical-Grade Formulations

Lumen products have been formulated to not only make positive changes within the skin, but to also reduce the likelihood of potential health risks by entirely omitting the use of potentially harmful and disruptive ingredients.

For this reason, the entire Lumen product line is 100% free of fragrances, parabens, and all other ingredients shown to increase possible health concerns for consumers.

By using ingredients proven to be both safe and effective, Lumen products have been created to enhance your daily beauty regimen through strengthening skin function and making your complexion less susceptible to the cumulative effects of environmental stress, inflammation, and chronic ailments.

For more information regarding Lumen products, call (843) 781-6672 and schedule your consultation with one of our skincare experts.

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